The Different Compositions of Famous Wedding Songs

Ever attended any wedding ceremony? All of us for sure has a chance to witness a heart warming exchanges of vows of two individuals who promises to love one another for the rest of their lives till death do they part. But then what is this wedding all about? As defined by weddings are the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage or a similar institution. Weddings have different style or processes, it usually depends on the culture to which the couple belongs but just the same it all boils down to giving a blessing and making legal the union of two people who are deeply in love with one another.

Weddings are one of the unforgettable moments of each couple but not just the couple but to all the people who has the opportunity to witness it. But what really caught our attention in a wedding? Is it the beautiful bride who walks down the aisle who radiates its happiness to the entire place or is it the handsome groom who cant take away his eyes to his soon to be wife? That’s partly true, but what really charmed the people in the ceremony are the famous wedding songs played by the choir while the wedding ceremony is on going. From the moment the bride walks down the aisle a beautiful piece of music of a wedding song chosen by the couple will cast its love spell to the people watching the bride walking towards her groom. Of course who wouldn’t be? Wedding songs are as old as the ancient times but till now its still use in any wedding ceremony since it’s one of the spices why a wedding is romantic and unforgettable.

One of the famous wedding songs usually played in a weddings are Nothing Compares to You, Power of love, and How Deep Is Your Love. These are just among the many songs played in a wedding. With these songs it usually reflects the silent words that the groom and the bride usually wants to say to each other in that very moment.

Wedding songs are not just designed though for couples, there are also wedding songs that are designed for mother and bride or mother and son, as we all know nothing beats the love of a mother to his daughter or son so with these famous songs a mother can have a variety of songs to choose to express her love to her daughter or son who is about to start a family of his or her own. Among the many famous wedding songs is wind beneath my wings, through the years, have I told you lately and forever young. But not just that, there are also songs composed for a father to his daughter or son who is about to get married, the love of a father is different to a love of a mother since all his life he protected his precious daughter or son and now it would be his moment to give it to someone who would do his or her part of protecting. These are the famous wedding songs that a father can choose to sing in a wedding like the butterfly kisses, daddy’s little girl, and daddy’s hands.