Our Writers Picked the Best 5 Christian Wedding Songs

If you are setting up a wedding and you plan on having a Christian wedding, you might be wondering what Christian wedding songs to include in your wedding. After all, there are a variety of goods choices out there today. So which songs should you really be considering for your wedding ceremony. Here is a look at the best 5 Christian wedding songs, picked by our writers.

#5 – “By Heart, By Soul” – Avalon: Possibly one of the most beautiful Christian wedding songs out there is performed by Avalon – “By Heart By Soul.” This song features Aaron Neville as well, and you can have it performed or you can have someone sing it at your wedding.

The beautiful words just touch the heart, talking about loving someone “By Heart, By Soul”. Just a few of the beautiful words that really fit for a wedding in this song include the expression “If you were a place, I’d stay my whole life,” and “If you were a star, I’d follow you…”

#4 – “Love of My Life” – Jim Brickman ft. Michael W. Smith: Another of the greatest Christian wedding songs is “Love of My Life,” which is by Jim Brickman, although it features Michael W. Smith singing it. It’s an easy tune for many singers to learn to play and sing.

The lyrics of this song truly catch your attention, which is why this song comes in at number four. With phrases like “You are the love of my life, and I’m so glad you found me,” it’s not hard to see why this song is a top choice for so many Christian weddings out there nowadays.

#3 – “Household of Faith” – Steve Green: By Steve Green, at number three is the Christian wedding song, “Household of Faith.” This song truly brings in your faith to the wedding, talking about true love and faith, and how it works to create a wonderful household. This is a excellent song for the couple to sing with each other if they take pleasure in singing, with the ending stating, “We are a household of faith.”

#2 – “Perfect Union” – Matthew Ward: At number two on the list is “Perfect Union” a wonderful wedding song by Matthew Ward. There is a reason that this song is used at so many different weddings today. It specifically talks about the union between husband and wife, as well as their union with creator.

#1 – “When God Made You” – Newsong ft. Natalie Grant: Last but not least, at number one when it comes to the greatest 5 Christian wedding songs, is “When God Made You,” by Newsong. This is one of the most beautiful love songs that will touch your heart, and it is perfect for a Christian wedding. The whole idea of the song is the thought that God must having been thinking about one person while He created the other person.

Daniel De Henney has been a wedding planner for the last twenty years. During these years, he has accumulated a great wealth of experience and helpful tips, which he shares on his well-known blog Wedding Songs First Dance. Check it out to find more practical advice on how to find the best Christian wedding songs and related wedding topics, including one of the best resources for free wedding songs samples.

Seven Tips to Choose the Right Popular Wedding Song

Popular wedding songs are precisely called as such because many people seem to find meaning in their lyrics. There is absolutely nothing wrong with jumping into the bandwagon and having the same popular wedding song as a thousand other couples. There are however some nice tips to remember when you choose your popular wedding song.

Go a Few Years Back

Yes, it is all right to have the same popular wedding song as everyone else but you don’t want to have the same song playing from the reception room beside yours. You can pick a hit popular wedding song from a few weeks back instead of one of the hits last week. This will lessen the possibility of you having a popular wedding song that is also the wedding song of everyone else who got married on the same day.

Ask the DJ or Band

If you have no idea which popular wedding song is perfect for you then ask your reception band or DJ to give you some suggestions. They are experts in the field of music and will offer suggestions based on the melody and lyrics quality of each song.

Have Activity Songs

It would be great to have a popular wedding song that is also meaningful to both of you. Maybe you would like to have the song that was playing when you first bumped into each other. Your theme song however, will only be good for the two of you probably on your first dance at the reception. You should consider having one popular wedding song for every wedding activity. Pick songs for the entrance of the bride, cocktail time, dinner time, cake cutting and parents’ dance

Include Tribute Songs

It would be a great idea to have a popular wedding song that was a hit a few decades ago. A particular song that was special to set of parents would be a wonderful way to show affection and gratitude. You can play your parents’ popular wedding songs when you each dance with them.

Have Variations to a Song

You may like a particular popular wedding song but you just can’t stand the same old beat. Have your band play the song in a different beat. You can slow dance to an originally fast song or you can have a disco dance with an originally slow song.

Check the Lyrics

It’s important to read song lyrics before you decide to have a popular wedding song. Some songs have great tunes but may send out such negative messages as desperation, mild sexual suggestions and separation. Some couples seem to think that there is nothing wrong with such popular song lyrics. Make sure however that you judge a song not just by the melody but by the lyrics too if you are the type who does not appreciate such lines.