Choosing Appropriate Wedding Songs For Your Wedding

Your choice of wedding songs will be a reflection of the kind of atmosphere and mood you want to generate for your big day. It is therefore vital you choose songs that are appropriate to the occasion and which are a reflection of the love the two of you share.

You may not realize just how many wedding songs you will need for your wedding day. Whilst the ceremony will require a choice of song for the beginning and end of the ceremony (and some in between if a religious ceremony); your reception will require a wide choice of background music for the cocktail hour and wedding breakfast, songs for the first dance and subsequent dances between father/daughter and mother/son. And of course then there is the evening festivities where music will play the most important part in entertaining your guests.

When it comes to the wedding ceremony, many couples prefer to choose a selection of traditional wedding songs. If you are having a religious ceremony then you may be given a list of ‘approved’ songs to choose from. These tend to be popular traditional classics which have been tried and tested for generations. However, many religious venues are now becoming more relaxed about couples music choices and you may be able to choose something more to your liking – just make sure you get them approved by your wedding officiant first!

Where a civil ceremony is concerned then your choice of music is greater, although your wedding songs must not have any religious references to them. Many couples like to choose a mixture of traditional and modern songs, but here also you should seek approval from the officiant in advance of the big day.

If you are having hymns during your service try to choose popular hymns which your guests are likely to know. Whilst you may have personal favorites, the atmosphere will fall very flat once the music starts and no-one is singing because they don’t know the tune! It is also worth taking some time to read through the lyrics of any wedding songs you choose, whether the wedding is religious or civil, to make sure that they are appropriate to a wedding. A song about a deceased lover or infidelity is perhaps not the best choice on such a joyous occasion!

For your wedding reception you will need to seek wedding songs which will create the kind of atmosphere you are looking for. Traditional, classical music can suit a formal wedding, whilst instrumental versions of modern, contemporary songs can be perfect for a casual or informal wedding. Try to choose wedding songs that have a suitably upbeat tempo without it being too fast or heavy. Save the lively music for the evening party, but equally avoid anything too slow or solemn as you don’t want to send your guests to sleep mid-way through the second course!

The evening party holds no hard or fast rules about wedding songs and the choice of playlist is really down your own preference. The only consideration would be to choose songs that are popular and familiar and which will get your guests up on the dance and floor keep them there all night long!