Ideas For Finding Your Wedding Songs

When it comes to choosing your wedding songs many couples are surprised by the sheer number of songs they need to pick and the various genres they will need to choose from. Aside from the wedding ceremony, you will need plenty of music to see you through the cocktail hour, the wedding breakfast and on till the evening party is ready to begin. Then you will need to have created a play list for the evening’s festivities.

So where can you look to find all these wedding songs and how can you get some inspiration along the way? To begin with make a list of songs that you would definitely like to be played at the wedding. These can include songs for when you walk down the aisle, walk back up the aisle, cutting the wedding cake and your first dance. For many couples there are a handful of songs which have some significance and special meaning to them and as such as obvious choices for their wedding day.

Ask your close family and friends for some recommendations and if possible raid their CD collection and MP3 players for inspiration. You want to include songs which were played at your parents wedding or which have some significance to a loved one. If you are hiring a musician or band for your wedding music then ask their advice about what songs are good for weddings. If they have plenty of experience playing at weddings then they should be able to guide you to songs which are appropriate and which fit your wedding style.

With your wedding style in mind, you need to think about the suitability of the songs you have chosen. For a religious wedding you may be restricted to traditional and classical songs, whilst music for a civil wedding ceremony should not have any religious references to it. You also need to consider the tone of the music and whether or not it will project the tone you want for your wedding day. Reading through the lyrics can also be a good idea to make sure they too are appropriate.

Another way of obtaining ideas for your wedding songs is to ask your wedding guests for some suggestions. You can slip a note in with the invitations and ask them to add any suggestions to the RSVP or if you have a website, ask them to post song titles online for you to consider. If you get a healthy list of songs back then ask friends and family to help you rate them for playing at your wedding and deciding when and where to use them. This is a great way of putting together an eclectic mix of songs which really does have something for everyone!

Wedding Songs – Top 8 Wedding Music Mistakes

Having a great band or DJ at your wedding is an absolute necessity. There’s no getting around it, if you want a memorable wedding reception you need to hire good entertainment. With so many genres to choose from, many couples fall into several common wedding song mistakes. Never fear though, were here to let you in on the biggest mishaps couples make wedding picking out their wedding song play list.

1. Sound restrictions

Many brides forget to check restrictions for sound ordinances in the town their reception is going to be held. Some venues in particular may have restricted sound level requirements. So make sure to check out any requirements or possible restrictions that may affect your wedding song list or cause your party to end early.

2. Not meet the actual DJ until the wedding day

It’s imperative that you meet the DJ who will be doing the music for your wedding way in advanced. Only a face-to-face meeting will give you an overall feel of how this person operates and how you feel they will do at your wedding. This gives you the opportunity to choose wedding songs with the specific person, and map out where he/she will bet set up. Many times you will go into an agency to hire a DJ and never actually meet the DJ himself. Make sure you set out time to meet this person face-to-face, it will only ensure you’ve hired the right person.

3. Small dance floor

Having a small amount of room for a dance floor can cause huge congestion and frustration. If there isn’t any room for guests to move around, things can get bumped, glasses and bar wear can be broken, food could be spilled and older guests and children could be knocked down. Having ample amount of room will keep everyone and everything safe.

4. Playing only one genre of music

Keep in mind the vast amount of age groups at your wedding. Make them all comfortable by playing wedding songs from everyone’s generation. Some oldies, some pop, some love songs, some rock and some country should appeal to just about everyone there.

5. Forgetting to assemble a DO-NOT-PLAY-LIST

We all know there are certain songs that just need to stay in the past. So when crazy uncle Don asks the DJ to play the Macarena, the DJ can respectfully say no because it’s on the wedding song do-not-play list. This is also great for couples who absolutely hate a certain artist or band.

6. Requesting the DJ to play too many songs

Generally DJ’s play somewhere between 12 – 15 songs per hour, meaning about 60 songs for your typical 4 hour reception. A good way to go about selecting your wedding songs are to pick 25 that you really want to hear and then give your DJ the freedom to play songs based on the mood and requests from guests.

7. Choosing long special dance wedding songs

Everyone knows it’s your day, but picking dance wedding songs that are way too long can get extremely boring for your guests. It may be OK to splurge on the length of your first dance song, but for the mother-son and father-daughter dance try to keep it shorter.

8. Not paying attention to the flow of the reception

DJ’s not only play the wedding songs, they also are the man who keeps every informed and on schedule. That is as long as you are on schedule. Many DJ’s ask that you keep an eye on the time, know when your cocktail hour has started and when it’s suppose to end. Doing this will keep everything moving smoothly.